The President Series

Ever notice how countries that don't have a Luxury car marquee seem to import Mercedes or Cadillacs to fill the role as the "State" car? The President was Nissan's first answer to this dilemna. A big 4 door sedan with lots of chrome and conservative styling, the President is pretty much the Cadillac of Japan.

1963 President

The first President version was inaugurated in February 1963 as the 50 or H50 series. This big sedan, 4855mm long by 1690mm wide, was powered by a 2825cc overhead valve inline six that produced 115 Horsepower. This version continued in production until late 1965.

1965 President D 4000

The second President series, the H150, came onto the market in September 1965. This time there were 2 engine choices, a 2974cc inline 6 H30 engine in the President A sedan, or a big American looking pushrod V8 Y40 engine(3988cc) that produced 195 HP in the President D. The V8 powered car was dubbed the President 4000. A revised version was added in September 1971.

1971 President D
1973 H250 Series

The first true restyling of the President came with the launch of the 3rd series in August 1973. The new 250. Models now included the previous Y40 V8 in the A, as well as a new Y44 4414cc monster V8 that created 2000hp, and featured an EGR system in the D model. At least 3 of these cars were imported to the USA for use by Nissan execs in California.

1977 E-H252

The new NAPS technology, or Nissan Anti Pollution System, was introduced to the President line in April 1975. The Line was now the H250, followed by the H251 in July 1976, and the H252 in August 1977. It should be noted that no major body restyling of the President series was done between the the launch of the 250 series in 1973 and the early 80's. BY 1977 there were actually 9 levels of choice in the D sedan line up. The President Sovereign became the top of the line model in 1978.

1982 E-H252

There was another car that shared a lot of the technology of the president, a Limo called the Prince Royal, a car specailly built by Nissan for Japan's imperial family. Very few of the Prince Royals have been manufactured, and as far as I know, none were ever offered to the public.

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